At arxproject we offer a comprehensive architecture project management, from the selection of the site to the completion of the work and the commissioning of the building. Offering the most suitable solutions to the requirements of each client and each business.

architecture and interior design

The work of the architect entails providing the most suitable spatial solution to the purpose intended by the client for the user of our building: living, working, purchase or enjoying their leisure time.

The architecture project is a road in which there must always be a common theme that endows coherence to the whole, from the overall perspective up to the last interior design. Wishing each space to breathe innovation, creativity, dedication and personalised attention. In that regard, interior design goes hand in hand with architecture and reinforces the relationship between space, which must convey sensations, and the person, who has to get the feeling of the place as his/her own. Environmental friendliness, the programme, the study of the user and the client’s objectives enables us to develop projects with their own inherent character and in which all the elements (space, light, design, structure and installations) coexist harmoniously.


Interior design

Furniture design

BIM Consultancy

commercial and contract design

Our team of architects, interior designers and decorators are specialists in finding the most suitable creative solutions to the brand image and following the latest trends in space design.
Diseño comercial y contract

It is the costumer who makes the business project viable, therefore, the starting point is to study and analyse same for the purposes of creating a place where one feels comfortable. It is matter of generating, through the selection of furniture, finishings and textures, lighting … pleasant, functional and flexible spaces. Wanting offices and workplaces to foster creativity, productivity and a great atmosphere, as well as hotels or restaurants capable of maintaining their essence in high and low tourist seasons, or stores that identify with the product they offer and the customer that is intended to attract. Furthermore, with our BIM (Building Information Modelling) support and consultancy team, we get the most out of each project.

Stores and commercial spaces design

Hotel design

Bars and restaurants design

Offices design

Legalización y trámites urbanísticos

legalisation and urban planning procedures

A competent technical and legal advice consultancy as regards urban management is essential in order to save time and money during the process, maintaining the complete security that the work can be effectively executed or legalised.

Having comprehensive knowledge and experience, unfailingly successful, in the most complex legalisations in any Spanish city. Seeking simple solutions which enable procuring the shortest and most economical terms for obtaining a license. Always attempting to ascertain which is the fastest legalisation process, including the application for a works license and all the initial procedures, up to the application for opening license, first occupancy license or completion of works certificate. To that end, analysing all the administrative regulations entailed in each case, and we will speak with the municipal technicians and will draft the documentation with diligence, so as not to delay the envisaged urban planning, and accurately, in order to prevent any delay due to requests or requirements by the town hall.

Urban planning consultancy

Legalisation projects

Reports and certificates

License management

feasibility studies

Analysing the possible locations of a business and the suitability of the property so that the store, hotel, restaurant or office may meet from the spatial and location point of view the generated expectations.
Estudio de viabilidad

Analysing the relationship of the premises with its surroundings, as well as its critical characteristics (surface, shape, façade, current state of the property, legal situation or estimate of the refurbishment costs), in order to resolve all client queries prior to investment. Whenever necessary to do so, a distribution scheme is made at the preliminary project level in order to estimate key aspects, such as the product capacity of a store, the number of tables and diners in a restaurant, the rooms of a hotel building or office workspaces organisation. Furthermore, in many cases the schematic façade proposals provides clues as to what presence of the business in the public space shall entail.

Study of the environment

Property report

Competition analysis

Property owner negotiations

Gestión de obra

works management and control

In our studio we are passionate about managing and cooperating with trades and suppliers in order to minimise works deadlines, controlling beforehand costs and obtaining the expected result.

Each work is a challenge and, with the support of our Vibux team, the arxproject’s BIM (Building Information Modelling) consultancy, having managed that technology (3D scanning, point clouds, BIM collaborative environment, virtual visualisation of the construction process etc.) helps us obtain maximum efficiency in the undertaking of the project and the works. In an initial stage, managing to minimise workplace incidents via a virtual model and, upon commencement of the works, offering streamlined solutions which do not deviate from the budget or envisaged planning. Finally, obtaining an accurate as-built model of the property, with all the information and data of the works executed, which helps the subsequent management during its life cycle.

3D Scanning

Works management

Construction process visualisation

Works and site planning

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